14 reasons why people book with Personal Travel Consultants

In a fast-paced world where we all value time off, spending quality time away is one of the most important things to get right.

If you value your time, especially your travel time, then booking holidays or special trips with a Personal Travel Consultant might be worth considering.

Here are just 13 reasons to get you started...


1 - Saving you time and stress

Looking at pictures in brochures, magazines, and on social media is fun, but planning a trip can involve time and often hard work. Especially if it’s a multi-generational trip, a group booking, an unusual destination, or a special occasion like a wedding.

Spending time researching, shopping around might not always be the best use of your time. A personal travel consultant can do all that for you. Coupled with industry knowledge, connections, and travel experience a travel consultant will save you stress and time, not only in the planning of the trip but across the whole booking experience. 


2 - Every booking helps to protect and restore our planet, so you can feel even better about going on holiday…

Travel in the knowledge that your contribution is helping to protect and restore ecosystems, with environmental projects in the UK and overseas. 

Our Carbon Hero projects are up to 30 times more effective than most tree planting!


3 - They’ll help spread the cost of your holiday

Whether it’s a dream honeymoon, last-minute break or family getaway, paying for a high-value holiday can sometimes be daunting. But when booking with a personal travel consultant, you’ll get access to a hassle-free option. 

Once you’ve got your heart set on a holiday or trip of a lifetime, a direct debit scheme will take care of the rest: being able to spread the cost of a trip in low monthly instalments can make all the difference. 

There will be an amount agreed to go out on the same date each month, which means you don’t need to worry about missed payments and can look forward to your holiday instead.  

Bonus reason: Instead of a remaining balance 14-16 weeks before your holiday, the final payment isn’t due until 6 weeks before you travel when you pay via direct debit.

4 - They’ll have your back if you need an advocate  

Whether it is a natural disaster, bad luck or just bad weather, not every single holiday booking goes to plan, no matter how amazing a travel consultant is.

Whether there are problems getting you out there or getting you back home safe, having a personal travel consultant to help steer around the things we cannot control is proving more valuable than ever before. Having someone at the end of the phone is something customers often say is so important to them.


5 - The world is ever-changing and sometimes turbulent

Has a Caribbean destination recovered from a hurricane? Is it safe to travel to the Middle East? Where can you travel post-COVID-19? A great travel consultant has inside knowledge and is up-to-date with the latest news, natural disasters, and hot topics. 

Often before the news is shared online, the travel industry including tour operators and travel consultants are one step ahead. Without the need to search online, having a personal travel consultant means having someone to turn to, someone who has already thought of the next step before you have to think of it yourself.


6 - Like any professional, they know holidays best 

A personal travel consultant will give you the inside track to get the most out of your holiday, to make it as memorable as possible. Like any professional, they know their sector best. If you had a broken tap you’d call a plumber to fix it. It’s no different in the world of holidays.

A Not Just Travel consultant has trained to become a certified travel professional to be able to provide a great service. Again like most industries out there, the world of travel is an ever-moving target, it never sits still. The options available, the destinations for certain types of travel, the go-to hotels never stay the same for long. They will know it all.  


7- It’s much more convenient, a one-stop-shop 

A personal travel consultant will handle every aspect of my customers' holidays or trips. From the flight to the booking of the hotel to the private transfer, the activities, any guided tours, airport parking, travel insurance... the list goes on. 

Whatever the destination, size of group or preferences for the trip, they have the knowledge to be the one-stop-shop which makes it highly convenient for you whatever your preferences are. 

8 - The care factor  

Our personal travel consultants depend on referrals and repeat business. So, you can bet that they are going to do everything I can to deliver amazing customer service. From start to finish.

They all choose to work in this sector due to their passion for travel. They care about their customers having great experiences every time. Not all travel companies focus on referrals or repeat business, many of the higher volume sites are based on new business, whereas they all care about every single customer and each booking. 

9 - Get better access  

Did you know that a personal travel consultant can book you holidays and get offers which you won’t find online? Whether you are looking for a ticket to a sold-out show in New York, you’re looking for a private boat tour for an anniversary, or you just need help with making the hotel room extra special for your honeymoon, they can make it happen. 

There are perks from working in the trade and a personal travel consultant will always try (cannot always guarantee) to get airport lounge tickets, any VIP connections, or upgrades to be added to your booking where possible. They will always be on the lookout for that little extra, as they know it can go a long way to making the trip special. 


10 - Group bookings are no easy feat

Organising group trips can become a logistical nightmare. Coordinating arrival times, different departure times, organising transfers for everyone etc. is something a personal travel consultant can take off your hands. They will become the one point of contact for the group. 

Whether it’s a big family, a hen party, wedding party, a group of mates, a sports club, a travel consultant can tie all the loose ends, connect the dots and make sure everyone has a great time away. 

11 - You’ll get more for your money 

A personal travel consultant will save you money where possible — that doesn’t mean they will always be the cheapest. They will look to deliver more value to their customers. 

Many tour operators and resorts are happy that they send people their way, this means that they can also access discounts, perks, or be made aware of something which would give you more value.  

A Not Just Travel consultant will be able to recommend a hotel or destination from the top of their head, without you having to spend hours researching. This in itself will get you more for your money. 

Let them do all the work, and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you to ensure a smooth, stress-free trip.

12 - Saved preferences for all your future travel 

Once a personal travel consultant has learnt what type of holidays you like or dislike, what your bucket list experiences are,  whether you like sitting in the aisle or window seat etc. you won’t need to tell them again. 

It’s then their job to make sure all your trips are tailor-made to you. This saves you not only time, as you won’t have to repeat yourself, but means they can always marry their knowledge of travel with your specific preferences and needs.   

13 - They’ll give recommendations and inspire you

Personal travel consultants are in the business of travel for a reason. They love to plan holidays and trips for people. They’ll have so much knowledge to share with you. Whether it’s that authentic seafront restaurant or that city tour which you cannot miss, they are there to make recommendations so you don’t miss a thing. 

Even if they haven’t been to the destination themselves they will know someone who has, or will be able to get inside knowledge from their connections and destination specialists. 

14 - They are always in the know 

The world of travel never sits still for very long and it’s a travel consultants job to always be in the know. Recent trends have been seen across train travel, dog-friendly trips, sustainable and responsible travel. Whatever the trends ahead of us, they will be there to advise you. 

If there is a new exciting hotel in the Maldives or a refurbished dog-friendly Spa in Cornwall which everyone is raving about, they’ll be able to share inside knowledge with you to help you make the best decision on where to spend your time away.

If you’re looking for a holiday or for some help to try to rearrange one which hasn’t gone to plan, or you just have a date in mind, our travel consultants are here to help.

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